Zero Tolerance

The Practice takes it very seriously if a member of staff or one of the doctors or nursing team is treated in an abusive or violent way.

The Practice abides by a Zero Tolerance policy for its staff.

This states that GPs and their staff have a right to care for others without fear of being attacked or abused whether physically or verbally.

The staff courteously reminds its patients that we deal with a multitude of difficult tasks and situations and we have the right to work in peace.

However, unreasonable behaviour towards any member of staff (clinical or non-clinical) will not be tolerated under any circumstance and will result in you being removed from the Practice list and if necessary having the Police contacted!

such examples of unreasonable behaviour include the following:

  • Using bad language or swearing with foul language at practice clinicians and staff.
  • Any physical intimidating or actual violence towards any member of the practice staff or even other patients e.g. pushing or shoving.
  • Verbal intimidation or abuse towards the clinicians and staff in any form.• Racial abuse and sexual harassment.
  • Causing damage/stealing from the Practice’s premises, staff or even other patients.
  • Obtaining drugs and/or medical services fraudulently.

You are reminded that CCTV is actively recording.

Removal from the practice list

A good patient-doctor relationship, based on mutual respect and trust, is the cornerstone of good patient care. The removal of patients from our list is an exceptional and rare event and is often a last resort for us. When trust has irretrievably broken down, it is in the patient’s interest, just as much as that of the practice, that they should find a new practice.

We reserve the right to call the police and immediately removal on the grounds of any verbally or physically intimidating/ threatening/ actual violence.

Removing other members of the household

We also reserve the right to remove the whole household i.e. family members or other residents who dwell in the same home who are registered with our practice. This is on the grounds that there may still need to be contact with a person removed on grounds of the same examples mentioned e.g. a relative.