Sexual reproduction family planning policy 2019

The surgery offers family planning advice and medicines/devices.

Each doctor is able to provide general contraception advice during normal consultation.

Patients will be offered advice from/directed to the family planning website also:

All doctors are able to give contraception tablets and their advice e.g. COC / POP (any routine appointment).

All senior doctors are able to give the depot contraception injection.

Dr Deegan is the only doctor in the surgery able to give actual other Long active reversible contraceptions e.g. implant, copper and Mirena coils. However, a routine appointment must be made with her first to discuss this before any decisions made about a date for any of these long acting contraceptions (she will NOT do any procedures on the first appointment !!).

Emergency contraception medications

Anyone requesting emergency contraception or are in urgent need of a follow on prescription will be put down as a telephone call if unable to attend surgery/ emergency face to face consultation for the duty dr / in cancelled slots for review.

If emergency contraception cannot be provided at the surgery e.g. IUD, then the patient will be signposted to the local family planning clinic e.g. Croydon

Termination requests

If a patient requests a termination then they may be directed to the British Advisory Pregnancy service for any further advice and for booking in the local termination centre. It might first be useful to make an appointment to talk with the GP if you are unsure of anything.