Doctor’s Sick / Fit Note for more than 7 days

If you need further time off work, you must come to see the doctor immediately after you have completed the 7 days (i.e. preferably day 8 of your illness) your self-certificate has run out regarding your condition for the doctor to decide if this is appropriate to continue sick notes.

The length of time requested is a decision for the doctor depending on the condition and how long (s)he thinks that is appropriate for you to be off work.

The doctor is under no obligation to provide a sick note if (s)he feels that you are capable of work.

We cannot and we will refuse to provide any back dated sick notes for any time period for which you did not see a doctor about a condition where there is no documented evidence on our notes e.g. A&E letter or GP consultation.

Sick / Fit Note Request

Sick / Fit Note Request


Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.